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If you’re one of the many who is thinking of slowing down or abandoning your job search until after Labor Day you could be making a big mistake.  Late summer is an ideal time to invest in your job search.  Read on to find out why . . .





Three Reasons Why Summer is a Great Time to Look for a Job


Conventional wisdom says that summer is the worst time to conduct a job search.   In my 12+ years experience in recruiting, I have found that the exact opposite is true: 


Reason #1:  Jobs that are open during the summer are usually high priority positions


It is an absolute myth that companies do not hire during the summer months.  Someone is always hiring.  While it’s true that the volume of available positions may drop during the summer, companies usually have a sense of urgency surrounding the positions that are open. 


Many companies begin a new fiscal year in July which often means new budgets for hiring.  Managers may now have the budget available to hire critical employees that they needed during the previous year, but didn’t have the funds to hire.



Reason #2:  Fewer candidates are actively engaged in their searches


Because many candidates subscribe to “conventional wisdom”, they may slow down or even stop their job search efforts during the summer.  Fewer active job seekers mean less competition for the available openings.



Reason #3:  Networking is more effective in the summer


During the summer months the pace of many workplaces slows down.  Because of this, networking contacts are much more likely to have time to talk with you.  Summer is a great time to reach out to contacts within your target companies and begin a dialogue.  Even if there is not a position open immediately, you will have made an introduction and (hopefully) a good impression so you’ll be in the front of their minds if an appropriate position opens up in the coming months.





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